Thermo cameras used for thermal imaging in Geebung


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High-Quality Thermal Imaging in the Geebung Area

The highly specialised technique of thermal imaging has already proven to be a highly valuable tool in preventative maintenance and fault finding in electrical circuits and equipment. Thermography, as it is also known, can potentially save businesses the expense of costly repairs and equipment downtime.
Thermo cameras used for thermal imaging in Brendale

Your Local Thermal Imaging Experts

Our specialist team of thermal imaging experts have the latest equipment and methodology at their disposal. Our cameras will show up any differences in temperature that would otherwise remain undetected until expensive problems begin to occur. Through the provision of detailed reporting and expert diagnosis, the results can be utilised to schedule maintenance and repairs before any resultant major damage and downtime are caused.

Utilising Infrared FlexCam T Technology

Through our investment in the latest infrared FlexCam T technology, we can create accurate image analysis reports for repairers.

Why us?

Unlike many of our competitors claiming to provide like for like services, we use the latest and most accurate equipment and provide full and detailed reports.

Why should you have an infrared survey?

Thanks to its inherent ability to detect issues before they have a chance to develop into major problems, infrared thermal imaging puts you in a win-win situation. Machinery repairs can be scheduled, and potential damage, or even injury can be prevented. The bottom line is that prevention is always preferable and far less expensive than the cure.

How often should testing be carried out?

Infrared scanning is advisable at six-monthly intervals to ensure a long and useful life of all types of electrical equipment and circuitry.

How it works

All types of electrical circuitry and equipment can be accurately scanned and checked to ensure that they are not displaying any uncharacteristic heat signatures while the system is under load conditions. One of the main advantages of this type of testing is that it doesn’t require the equipment or system being checked to be taken out of service.

What can be imaged?

Virtually anything that operates on or passes electrical current, from sub stations and motor control centres to electrical motors and mechanical devices can be checked in this way.

Who is the service for?

Anyone who operates electrical equipment or machinery can benefit from thermal imaging checks, and it is especially useful for landlords, service technicians, and in any circumstances where service agreements and culpability issues may be involved.

Call our thermal imaging experts in Brisbane now on 07 3266 1888 .

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